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I've tried contacting them (more than twice) to get back both code-breakers and bees and flowers, which I've bought, but they do not respond! Wasted money!!!!! When paying for their games, just be aware that you'll only be able to play through them one time, because they will not allow you to re-download them!!!!!


I have all of your iPad apps. Ever since the last iPad update all of my purchases are gone. Please fix!!!!!

Where are my puzzles!!!

I spent good money. Give my stuff back now!!!

Fun app

Great layout. Easy to use

5 stars

Fun word game. Very user friendly.

Fun idea, well-executed

From prior version: I love the concept and am enjoying the play, but.... I'd give it six stars if you could turn off the 'wrong answers' notification as an option. Having the game tell you right away that you're off to a bad start makes it rather too easy. Still, it's quite fun and well done. Can't wait for more puzzles! For new version: Loaded it just so I could buy more puzzles & turn off the incorrect letters. Woooot, it's a little more challenging now!! Unfortunately the app store still has only 5 stars max. You'll have to take the in-game purchase as your extra star :D

Engaging fun

My teens love it, I enjoy it, but wish we could re-do puzzles once they are solved... I never get to try the ones my daughter completes. Need more than 12 puzzles, too. Once we finish the last one I may have to delete the app and then reinstall it to see if we can play again. Fun, try it.


Maybe a little too easy, great fun.

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